Kim Junho
Kim Junho
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Kim Junho (김준호) is Xiah Junsu's fraternal twin. Although Junsu was born just one minute after his brother, he has always thought of Junho as older and so calls him 'hyung' (older brother). The twins are very close; when Junsu is out of the country, they talk on the phone all the time. When Junsu asked Junho, "What am I to you?" Junho replied, "My other self."[1]


Kim Junho was born on December 15, 1986, one minute before him fraternal twin Kim Junsu.

Entrance into Entertainment

Junho was first introduced to the public on MBC "Introducing a Star's Friend" (스타의친구를 소개합니다). His height, athletic build, and cute personality gained him many admirers. With his new found popularity and support from Junsu, Junho debuted in the entertainment business as the star in a commercial for soy milk in Korea.[2] Junho has since concentrated his work in China, modeling as a "Moko! Top Man" and appearing on variety shows there.

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