Fan Glossary

Always keep the faith - Often used by Micky Yoochun with his signature, has since become a catchphrase for TVXQ fans. The phrase gained meaning in July 2009 with the announcement of the lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Jaejoong and Yoochun also had 'Always keep the faith' tattooed on their left breast.

Dolphin - Nickname for Xiah Junsu, originating from "The King's Men Parody" when the members of TVXQ compared Junsu's IQ and voice to that of a dolphin.[1]

Goong - (궁, Korean for 'palace') The townhouse that Yoochun lives in with his mother and brother in Korea, presumably named for it's 'castle-like' exterior

Miroticon - Portmanteau of 'Mirotic concert"

Oyagi gag - (親父ギャグ oyaji gyagu lit. 'Old man gag') A Japanese joke that is a play on words, thought to be cheesy and typically said by old men. Xiah Junsu became fascinated with oyagi gags while in Japan and began saying them at performances and shows. The oyagi gags became wildly popular and he has become known … bla bla something something.

Some of his most commonly used: "Kamo come on" "Oshiri pen pen boru pen" "Kimi mo suki"

Snarky - American slang, used specifically in DBSK fandom to describe the pert, sarcastic tone sometimes used by Max Changmin, especially in his UFO replies.

1. 2006 DBSK The King's Men Parody, date & credit unknown
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